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Shumakers Motors Reviews Clayton is a consumer website to share reviews about Shumaker Motors. Be warned, before you try to purchase a vehicle from Shumaker Motors make sure you look up auto sales Clayton NC on Google and read the reviews of each car company. Also make sure you read all the Shumaker Motors Reviews we compile on this website.

We purchased a used vehicle from Shumaker Motors 4 weeks ago. I gave them a $1000 check for the initial purchase and another $1000 check to hold until I had the funds for them to cash it. Shumaker Motors told us “We will wait for your call before we cash it” but guess what? We got up today and our business account was NEGATIVE $300. I checked and they cashed the check anyway without me calling and telling them to do so. I had actually emailed the sales person “Anthony” and told him the funds would be ready next week but he didn’t wait or respond to tell me they would cash it.

Watch yourself if you purchase from Shumaker Motors company and Clayton Car Sales, when someone tells you one thing and does another in this type of business that is very bad business practice in my opinion. You may be better off if you ook for another company that provides used auto sales in Clayton, NC.

We gave this company a rejected rating of one star.
rejected Shumaker Motors Reviews Clayton

BBB Complaint on Shumaker Autos

I found another complaint on BBB about Shumaker Autos in Clayton NC and wanted to share it with you. Before you purchase a used car in Clayton NC remember to read every used car dealers reviews.

Complaint Category: Defective, damaged, or incorrect product received
Complaint: Missing parts from soft top for jeep purchased.
I purchased a 2006 jeep with the hard and soft top option. When I recieved the soft top it was missing the door surrounds to attach the soft top. I brought this up to the son of the owner and he said that his hands were tied and could do nothing about it. I purchased this jeep because it had both tops and now it has cost me $244.98 to get the replacement parts. I feel that they sold me an incomplete product. This group has poor follow through with customer service and product support. I requested to talk to the owner on numerous occassions with no response. I ordered the parts from Quadratec, kit number 82208115. Order number Price 244.98
Complaint Resolution: BBB determined that despite the company’s reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied.

Here is more of the same complaint I found on the Shumaker Motors Review posted over at RipOff Report

This company advertised that the jeep I purchased had the hard top and the Soft top, at the time of purchase the jeep had the hard top on it. After purchasing the jeep Anthony Shumaker dropped the soft top off at my House. I tried to install the soft top and found that it was missing the surrounds for the doors, I called Anthony and he said that he would try to contact the original owner for the parts, I waited two weeks and Anthony said the original owner could not find them. I priced them online for $260 and presented this information to Anthony, he said there was nothing they could do, I told him that I felt this was their responsibility and his response again was that there was nothing him or his father could do. I told him to have his father call me and that never happened. I feel that once you buy a vehicle from these “Used Car Salesmen” you’re on your own. Anthony’s response is that he gave me a great deal, they sold me the jeep for 16,900 and it was listed at 18,900 and put on a towing package $160, I priced it online, Anthony will say that it cost him over $200. The fast of the matter is that this Family owned business did not sell me what was advertised, the only reason I purchased the jeep was the two top option. Now to my disappointment 4 months later this jeep is having the infamous “Death Wobble” and I will probably have to pay alot of money to fix the front end. My objective is to warn Consumers about this group, I am not looking to get anything out of this. Can you help me get the word out?

To be fair I want to post the owner response to this review and complaint.

I’m very sorry to hear you have such a sour taste in your mouth about our company. We sold you a very nice Jeep at an unbeatable price. Truth be know its the real reason you bought the Jeep from us. I told you from day one I could not pay for any additional pieces to the Jeep. I also told you I would work very hard to locate any any all missing pieces. I was very persistent and worked very hard to retrieve any missing pieces from the previous customer. I initially called him and he was out of town. I continued making calls trying my best to locate any and all pieces to the soft top. I was able to retrieve one missing piece to the Jeep and that was then given to you. The day you drove off our lot you were extremely happy with me, your Jeep, and our Company. The Jeep was in outstanding condition the day you drove off our lot and there were no issues at all. It’s very unfortunate you are now having problems. It may be “wobbling” due to unbalanced tires. You may want to take the Jeep to get the tires balanced.

rejected BBB Complaint on Shumaker Autos

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Shumaker Motors Review

See another Shumaker Motors Review I found by searching Shumaker Motors Clayton on Google. The review is posted on their map listing found by clicking here.

Here is the full Shumaker Motors Review from that page.

Sales Person was RUDE I just called to make an inquiry about a vehicle, and the man I spoke with was very rude, unpolite, condescending and really should not be a sales person. I would never ever contact, that delearship again, and I’ll be sure that I tell people how rude he is. It’s his loss, because quite frankly, he doesn’t know who he has messed with. We were both in negotiation, if he had any business acumen, he would have known that all he had to say was that “no that is the last price” and we’ll go from there, not uttering rude comments to potential buyers.

rejected Shumaker Motors Review

Shumaker Motors

Shumaker Motors promised to replace our middle console when we bought the car. I asked them to replace it during the deal because I wanted everything perfect on the car and the middle console had rips and tears. They told me they would replace it for me. After we had problems with them and confronted them about it they seemed to get mad and then said they would NOT replace what they had promised. Stay away from buying here, you have been warned. Shumaker Motors is not an honest company in my opinion.rejected Shumaker Motors